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Opening Hours

Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm
Sunday 7am – 3pm

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 7am – 5pm
Sunday 7am – 3pm

315 Westbank Expy
Gretna, LA 70053

We have Spanish and Vietnamese speaking doctors.

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PCR COVID Test for International Flights Update: 5/21/2021

Our facility has an in house 15 minute PCR COVID testing kit for international flights.  Most other clinics require a 3 to 5 day wait time because they mail it out.  We do the test in our facility and you get your results in about 15 minutes on the same day.

  • 15 min PCR COVID-19 test for flights, same day results.
  • No appointment needed, just show up at least 1 hour before we close.
  • No insurance will cover PCR COVID testing for travelers because insurance companies have deemed traveling as not medically necessary.
  • Our phone lines are extremely busy.  If you want to make an appointment, consider sending us your information through our contact page.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update: 3/29/2021

Effective today, anyone 18 and older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine from our clinic.  We are getting weekly shipments of the Moderna vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update: 3/26/2021

COVID vaccinations have opened up to everyone 18 and over, no more restrictions.  

Please call the clinic to get on our waiting list for COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update: 3/19/2021

We will be receiving 100 doses the week of 3/29 and eligibility has opened up for ages 18 and over with a qualifying condition.  Visit the state's guidelines for more specifics on vaccination qualifications.

Please call the clinic to get on our waiting list for COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update: 3/11/2021

Please call the clinic to get on our waiting list for COVID-19 vaccinations.  Our facility will be following the state's guidelines as to who will be able to get a vaccine and you must have an appointment.

We are open for normal business hours and we take walk-ins.

Please call the clinic first before walking in to make sure the clinic is still taking walk-ins.  There is a cut off point for walk ins due to staff capacity.

You can read more about our social distancing measures on our page dedicated to preventing COVID-19 clinical transmission.

Expressway Urgent Care, located in the Westbank by the Expressway, is both a walk-in and appointment medical facility that is equipped to help you.  We have been in operation for more than 20 years and have always served the entire Westbank.  Our facility can handle a variety of issues ranging from lab work and procedures all the way to both pediatric and adult urgent care services.  We have a large staff of doctors geared with the latest technology to treat patients quickly and effectively. The wait time at our clinic is among the lowest in the healthcare industry. Refer to our reviews! Check below for some of our main services.

Flu Shots

  • This vaccinne keeps you from contracting influenza virus. Influenza, is a disease that can possibly make you to be hospitalized and if you are not treated fast enough, the disease can even cause death. Flu is caused by influenza A or B virus, which spreads quickly throughout the body. The virus makes you to feel fatigued all the time, have nausea and body aches. The disease is spread through the contact of fluids from the lungs, from one person to another. The season when flu is most common in United States is during the spring.

  • The vaccination changes after every year because the flu season also keeps changing. The group of people that is most likely to get infected with this disease is the young and elderly even though healthy people too can get infected.


Blood Tests

  • With our labs, we can test for over 200 diseases, and we can test on the same day.
  • The clinic has a laboratory that is well equipped, and they are therefore able to diagnose your condition fast and accurately. We can get the results of the tests carried out within 15 minutes so that treatment can start as soon as possible.
  • Click on “Blood Tests” to get a list of what we can test for in our lab.



  • We have a wide variety of vaccinations at our facility, and it is important to get vaccinated if you have not. Vaccinations not only keeps you healthy but they also keep those around you healthy, particularly the elderly and infants. In addition to that, vaccines are the safest medical procedure available that prevents suffering and the cost associated with behind hospitalized. Click on “Vaccinations” to get a more thorough list of what we can vaccinate for.

Expressway Urgent Care

315 Westbank Expy
Gretna, LA 70053

Westbank Same Day Appointments:

Same day appointments are available to treat unexpected illnesses and injuries. Some examples of conditions that can be treated at the urgent care are listed below:

  • Accidents and falls

  • Sprains and broken bones

  • Back problems

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Severe abdominal pain

  • Bleeding/cuts

  • High fever

  • Vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration

  • Severe sore throat or cough

  • Mild to moderate asthma

Walk-ins welcome:

Please call before walking in to check the wait time and to make sure the clinic is still taking walk-ins.  The clinic has a cut off point for walk-ins due to clinical and staff capacity.

We understand the need for fast service in the medical industry and that’s why we created this Urgent Care facility.  We want to make sure that patients can be seen in a timely manner.  That is why we have a large staff and in addition to a large staff, we are always looking to add more doctors to our facility to reduce wait times.  We pride ourselves on having the lowest wait times in the region of New Orleans.

***You should make an appointment to decrease your wait time.

Our Services

Minor Injury Repair

Did you know that 80% of all emergency room visits can be treated at our urgent care clinic?

Blood Testing

Our on-site laboratory allows our staff to perform blood work the very same day they are seen by a provider.

X-Ray Imaging

Our X-Ray machine is on-site so you’ll get the treatment you need at one convenient location.

IV Fluids

If you are diagnosed with dehydration, our medical assistants can administer IV fluids to help you recover.

Better Health Care is Our Mission (Clinica Medica)

open 7 days a week. Same Day Appointments are Available.

Fax: (504) 367-6022

315 Westbank Expy. Gretna, LA 70053

Gretna Medical Center