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Physical Exam

Gretna Medical Center can perform school physicals, pre-employment work physicals, camp physical,  sports physical, DOT physicals, and coast guard physicals. We have been practicing medicine in the Westbank area near New Orleans for over 20 years. Below are the type of physicals we can do and why they are important.  Our clinic is located only 10 minutes from downtown New Orleans.

What is the cost of a school sports physical?

  • Our school sports physical is $50 dollars, no insurance needed.

Types of Physicals

School Physicals

School physicals enable pediatricians to observe the changes in the body of the child. Pediatricians can follow keenly on developmental milestones and the vaccination plan. A follow-up on the developmental milestones allows for the detection of anything abnormal in the development of the child. This ensures a happy upbringing of your child.

Sports Physicals

Your child might need to have a sports physical exam done before joining a sports team. We may want to observe them for physical fitness. The physicals are done to ensure that your child is not endangered or at risk when participating in a sport events.



Work Physicals

In many work organizations, management requires their employees to pass a work physical examination in order to begin or continue working. Pre-employment exams may also include health inquiries including drug and alcohol tests and mental health assessments.



DOT Physicals

The department of transportation requires individuals that operate a commercial vehicle get evaluated by a physican.  The goal is to make sure that the people who operate large motor vhicles are physical, mentally, and emotionally fit to operate such large equipment on public roads.

Coast Guard Physical or Merchant Mariner Physical

Those seeking to work on a vessel are required to have a physical exam completed by a physician.  This merchant mariner physical is to ensure the person working or operating on a cargo ship can safely operate a vessel.  The medical certificate once completed must be carried with you anywhere you work as a merchant mariner.




Open 7 days a week. Walk-in patients are welcome.

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Self-pay COVID Testing Patients May Walk In

Our phone lines can be extremely busy.  If you don't need to be seen today, please use our contact page to get your question answered.  We have someone that monitors the questions from the contact page 7 days a week and you will get an answer extremely fast.

You may come as a walk-in if you are testing for COVID as long as you self pay.  We take COVID testing walk-in patients from 7am until 4:30pm, only if you are paying for the test yourself.  We close early Sunday, so last walk-in will be at 2:30pm, COVID testing only.

If you are walking in for anything else like seeing a doctor, call the clinic first to see if we can take you.

New medicaid patients are welcome.

Home COVID Testing Kits.

The COVID home testing kits are in stock at the pharmacy next to us.  They have a seperate phone number.
Check the navigation menu for a link to their page and phone number.

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