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On Site Covid-19 Testing

COVID Testing for New Orleans

Gretna Medical Center, a leading provider of the New Orleans  area On Site COVID-19 Testing.   Their services, population health and comprehensive workforce strategies, has recently launched employee on-site or remote COVID-19 screening and testing services designed to support overall health care, risk management and employer Return to Work/Stay at Work strategies. These services use testing by a variety of vendors.  See the chart below for a more detailed selection of testing that Gretna Medical Center offers. s.

Wellness and COVID-19 Screenings

Across the commuity with a complete medical health strategy for employers, Gretna Medical Center services actively assists organizations in identifying workers with elevated temperatures and other possible COVID-19 symptoms who are reporting to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, or requesting to return or stay at any corporate location.

The COVID-19 wellness screening  consist of a simple two-step process managed by trained medical health professionals:

  • Completion of a questionnaire to screen for symptoms that may be consistent with COVID-19
  • Performance of a no-contact temperature check

Testing Options for On Site COVID-19

Many people including employees and students can pass the virus along without any symptoms.  We call this asymptomatic spreaders.  Gretna Medical Center can help test asymptomatic patients at any location to help keep your organization running.

 Also visit our FAQ page if you need more COVID-19 information and what we do.


Test Name Estimated Time for Results Sensitivity
Carestart Rapid AntigenCarestart Rapid Antigen**NOT PCR** 15 Minutes 83%
Sensiva [PCR] 24-48 Hours 99%
Abbott ID NOW [PCR] 15 Minutes 93%
Biofire RPEZ w/ COVID [PCR] 1 Hour+ 97%

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