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Gretna Medical Center

315 Westbank Expressway
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Phone: (504) 364-1844


Most Clinics Have A Two Day Turnaround Time

PCR COVID Test for Travel

15 minute Same Day Results

Groups and Event COVID testing

15 minute PCR rapid testing

PCR Testing for Saints Game day

15 minute Same Day Results

We have Spanish and Vietnamese speaking doctors. 

(Clinica Medica)


The city of New Orleans is extending their mandate starting February 1, 2022.  To enter a venue, you will need to have 2 shots of a vaccine or provide a negative COVID test to enter a resturant, bar, and other businesses.  Restaurants in the NOLA area are checking to make sure that you have a vaccine card or negative test.  You may also have a photo of your COVID results to enter a facility as this falls in line with the NOLA COVID mandate.

If you are in need of a COVID test to enter a venue, our clinic offers 15 to 20 minute COVID test result for both the antigen and PCR test.  Our clinic is only 11 to 15 minutes from the French Quarter.  The NOLA COVID mandate will be extended through Mardi Gras.


Is New Orleans closed due to COVID?

The city of New Orleans is open!  All businesses are functioning as normal.


What is open in the French Quarter?

The city of New Orleans is business as usual.  A few places are closing early but it’s due to staffing shortages and not COVID related.  Everything is open.


Is there a mask mandate in New Orleans?

The NOLA mandate does require you to wear a mask at all times while attending any indoor activities.  The exception to the mask rule is when you are eating or drinking.



Please use our contact page in order to schedule an appointment.  It’s impossible to get through our phone lines.

You can read more about the latest updates and changes from the official government website dedicated to NOLA COVID mandates.


Open 7 days a week. Walk-in patients are welcome.

Fax: (504) 367-6022

315 Westbank Expressway Gretna, LA 70053

Business Hours
Monday - Saturday
7am - 5pm
7am - 12 noon

Self-pay COVID Testing Patients May Walk In

Our phone lines can be extremely busy.  If you don't need to be seen today, please use our contact page to get your question answered.  We have someone that monitors the questions from the contact page 7 days a week and you will get an answer extremely fast.

You may come as a walk-in if you are testing for COVID as long as you self pay.  We take COVID testing walk-in patients from 7am until 4:30pm, only if you are paying for the test yourself.  We close early Sunday, so last walk-in will be at 2:30pm, COVID testing only.

If you are walking in for anything else like seeing a doctor, call the clinic first to see if we can take you.

New medicaid patients are welcome.

Home COVID Testing Kits.

The COVID home testing kits are in stock at the pharmacy next to us.  They have a seperate phone number.
Check the navigation menu for a link to their page and phone number.

Gretna Medical Center