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We have Spanish and Vietnamese speaking doctors. 

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New Orleans BCBS Providers


For direct information on BCBS provider lists, visit this link here.

Gretna Medical Center has been accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for over 20 years.  We are their premiere provider in the health care industry.  Our center provides for the city of New Orleans and because we have such a long standing relationship with BCBS, we’ve provided a list of the most asked questions below concerning BCBS insurance.

FAQ General Questions

Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers Louisiana

Gretna Medical Center is a  Blue Cross Blue Sheild provider of Louisiana in New Orleans.  If you are in need of a primary care physician, urgent care, or peditrician, our staff can treat you and your family seven days a week.

However, you can referr to to find a provider if you are outside the New Orleans area.

For more information on BCBS FAQ, click this link here.

Where do I file a claim for medical care received outside the United States?

The procedure will depend on the type of program you are enrolled in.

  • Those in the Federal Employee Program, whose member ID number begins with the letter “R” followed by a series of numbers, can begin the process by accessing the instructions and claim form by clicking here.

  • Members enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program can access the instructions and international claim form by clicking here. You will be taken to a page that will require you to enter the first 3 letters or digits of your member ID before you can proceed.

  • If you do not belong to one of the above two programs you will need to contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield for further assistance at 1-888-630-2583.

Whom do I contact when I have billing questions, get claim forms or talk to if a claim has been rejected?<br />

Your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield office is the place to contact for details concerning any billing issues. Regarding claims, the medical provider will usually be the one to initiate a claim. If you need to file a claim personally, each Blue Cross regional area has different contact points depending on the type of service received. Contact your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield office for the procedure:  1310 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20005


If you do not know your specific Blue company you can enter your zip code here. You will be connected to the Plan Finder and will need to have your account number and all available paperwork to begin the claims process.

How often is your BlueCard Doctor and Hospital Finder updated?

As we strive to keep every piece of information in our BlueCard Doctor and Hospital Finder database current, there are a large number of companies involved with keeping the data current. Each has their own timetable for updating the database, so we strongly recommend you confirm the information on the database with your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield representative to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

What is a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

Every patient will have a PCP assigned to them (or you can choose your own). The initials PCP have different names but all perform the same basic function:

  • primary care provider

  • personal care physician

  • personal care provider

They are the health care professional you will first meet with to access the complete range of medical services available to you.

What is an HMO?

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is one of the two most common types of health insurance coverage systems. In an HMO each person will pay a periodic premium (monthly, quarterly or annually) to get comprehensive medical coverage from health care professionals in a defined geographical area. Receiving medical services outside of the area will usually require the person to take full responsibility for paying the costs of any medical services received.

Our Glossary has a list of additional insurance terms and their meaning.

What is a PPO?

The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is the second of the two most common types of health insurance coverage systems. Medical services are provided by health care providers who individually contract with the insurance company. Because these individual providers can geographically be located anywhere, the insured person can use their insurance plan wherever there is a contracted provider. As with the HMO, a periodic premium (monthly, quarterly or annually) is usually required.

I was denied coverage, a claim, or received erroneous charged on my EOB, whom do I contact?

On the back of your membership card there is a Customer Service number you can call as the first step in resolving any of these issues or other questions you may have about individual or group health coverage. You can also enter your 3 letter Member ID number here and obtain information online about your questions.

I am a member but I do not see where I can log in on this website. Where do I find access to my member benefits, coverage, etc.?<br />

To access specific information about your membership and associated services you will need to call the Customer Service number found on the back of your Member ID card. Alternatively, you can enter your 3 letter Member ID number here and use our Company Finder database to find the information you are seeking.

How can I find out information about coverage that is supplemental to Medicare?

There are a variety of Medicare Supplement Insurance plans available, including Medical Savings Accounts (MSA), private fee-for-service plans, and Medicare+Choice plans. We have an AskBlue Medicare guide that lists the plans available to you. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is connected to a number of companies that provide Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug choice plans that are listed in the AskBlue guide. For specific information about claims and coverage for any Medicare Supplement plan you need to contact your local BlueCross and Blue Shield representative.

How can I get information on purchasing health insurance?

Whether you are searching for information on health care coverage for yourself, your family, or are looking for a group plan you can use our Ask Blue tool to get started. For more specific information on buying health insurance click here.

If you need more information on BCBS, please click this link here.

For additional information, 


  • BCBS direct phone number i1 (888) 630-2583

  • New Orleans BCBS provider list can be found in this link here.

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