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Gretna Medical Center accepts Aetna insurance and has been with Aetna for over 10 years.  Our medical center is at the heart of New Orleans in Gretna Louisiana and being an Aetna provider has allowed us to service the greater New Orleans area for many years.  Since we’ve been with Aetna for so long, we have provided below the most common questions asked that Aetna insurance holders have.

Direct link to a list of Aetna providers here.

General Questions

Can I get a summary of benefits in one place?

Yes. In case you got your insurance policy via your partner’s/spouse or your job, the office of benefits of that specific employer provides you with benefit’s summary. Better yet, and depending on the plan, the summary of your benefits may be found on your member’s website. In case the 2 aforementioned options aren’t applicable to you, contact Member Services for guidance. Aetna will send the summary of your benefits through their representative.

In which time period do Member Services operate?

The Member Services has an automated telephone that is reachable anytime through the toll-free number written on your membership card. You can opt to ask to talk to the member services representative.

What’s the mechanism of getting a new ID card?

Obtaining a duplicate or additional ID is easy, all you need to do is access your secure member web page, view, and print the card. As you would expect, the printed or digital card very much similar to the plastic ID card. Don’t hesitate to contact Aetna in case of problems concerning ID card printing.

Can I change my name and address? How?

Yes, you can alter your name or address in case of changes. You’ll need to submit the changes in name or address or both to your employer through who got Aetna coverage. Your employer will submit your details to Aetna.

In case you purchased the plan on the exchange – also known as the HIM (Health Insurance Marketplace) – you would be required to contact your plan directly.

For the plan you bought directly from us and not through your employer, there are two ways that can be used to convey the updated information to us:

  • Call the Member Service using the number provided on your ID card

  • Login to secure member web page and utilize the “Contact Us” feature

Can I change my PCP (Primary Care Physician)? How?

Yes, you can change your primary care physician via your secure member website. Alternatively, you can call the toll-free number inscribed on your ID card and follow the appropriate menu options.

What if my personal care physician leaves the network?

You will be required to select a new Aetna participating provider when your doctor moves out of the network. Please use the Aetna online directory of healthcare institutions and health practitioners to find a new doctor.

Suppose I leave my job, where and how can I get information on how to continue my health insurance?

Start by contacting the benefits office of your prior employer and inform them about your intentions of buying COBRA policy. In accordance with the federal law, firms with more than 20 employees are required to tell you the available options for buying this coverage.

Read more details about resuming your health coverage with a new employer.

I happened to go the doctor before becoming Aetna member and receiving my ID card. The doctored required me to pay for the service. Where should I channel my claim?

Proceed as follows once you’ve received membership ID card:

  • Start by printing the claim form and completing appropriately

  • Pin the copy of the doctor’s bill (which should indicate payment) on the completed form and submit it to the address indicated on your membership ID card. Remember to include your ID number. Here is the form

Where can I get details on discounts offered by Aetna to its members?

Simply log in to the members area of our website.

Can I cover my infant from birth? How?

Once a newborn is established to be qualified, the infant is provided which lasts for 31 days from the day of birth. In case you would want a further cover, you will be required to enroll the child before the expiration of the aforementioned 31 days and pay any applicable premiums. An adopted child or a child whom you’re listed as a legal guardian may enjoy special provisions. However, eligibility for these provisions and the benefits plan selected by your employer may vary from state to state. You can confirm from any of your plan documents more so the Certificate of Coverage.

Can I delete or add my family members? How?

Yes, you’re allowed to add and even delete family members but you need to do so during the year open enrollment period. We will take in enrollments from new eligible within the 31 day window period in case of the following scenarios:

  • In case an employee is newly married or divorced

  • In case of death of the employee’s spouse or dependent

  • In case of birth, adoption or proportion of a child by the employee

  • In case of employment or firing of the employee’s spouse

  • A change in an employee’s or employee’s spouse’s employment status as being either part-time or full-time

  • An employee or an employee’s spouse taking an unpaid leave

  • Remarkable change the employee’s or the employee’s spouse’s health coverage (if caused by the spouse’s employment)

To get more information on Aetna, please visit this link here.

For additional information, 

  • Aetna Phone number
  • 1-800-US-AETNA (1-800-872-3862) between 8:00am and 6:00pm ET

    This is the phone number for the Corporate Contact Center, they do not have access to member accounts but they can provide Aetna Member Services contact information.

    Aetna Headquarters Address

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