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We have Spanish and Vietnamese speaking doctors. 

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How much does USCIS medical exam cost?

Pricing can vary and they start at $400 depending what is needed.  The U.S. governmnent does not set a standard fee and health insurance will not cover the cost.  Therefore, expect to pay out of pocket and check with your doctor for a more accurate price.  For more information, please see our Civil Surgeon page.


USCIS exam at our office pricing structure

  • v. Pricing structure has changed for 2020, so please contact our office.  However, pricing will cover.
    • all office visits
    • completed I-693 form
    • required STD testing
    • TB gold blood test
    • chest X-ray if necessary
    • someone to walk you through the entire process
  • The physical does not include
    • Vaccinations
      • Bring your vaccination records if you have them, vaccinations records from other countries are fine.
      • Our facility can do the vaccinations for you if you don’t have any.
    • Otherwise vaccinations will be a seprate price.   Please contact our office to get a more accurate pricing on vaccinations since they can change.
      • Varicella vaccine
      • MMR 
      • T-dap 
      • Flu shot is 25 if seen during flu season
  • Our immigration specialist will work with you to ensure that the documentation is filled out correctly. 


Better Health Care is Our Mission (Clinica Medica)

open 7 days a week. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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315 Westbank Expy. Gretna, LA 70053

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